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Locul potrivit descărcării unor fișiere pentru server. Poți publica și tu un serverfiles pentru a îmbunătăți comunitatea.
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Joi, 07 Noi 2019, 10:37

Official Ofline Shop System [Established as Won and Yang. ]
Official Pet System [Red Dragon, Nemere, Razadör, Monkey, Spider and Blue Dragon Eggs]
Official Gaya System [Manu, Manni, Samsara have been added extra. ]
Official Won System [Limit 999 Won]
Official Costume Weapon System [EFSUNLU and EFSUNSUZ]
Official Zodiac Items [ZIRH and WEAPON]
Official Kyanit Items [ZIRH and WEAPON]
Trouble-free Multilingual System [TR / EN]
Official Ok Bag [30 DAILY UNLIMITED]
Official Okey Card System [Between 0 and 299 Bronze, 300 to 399 Silver, 400 to 500 Golden Rift Sandstock]
Official Reflection System [Both 50 M, Reflective Ticket is done with Reflection. ]
Official Alchemical System [Available at 100% Passing Beans. ]
Official Belt System [Judge Belt, Master Belt, Belt Belt, King Belts Available. ]
The Official Belt System [Mystic Belt is Efsunludur against 40% Monsters. ]
Official Cleansing System [One person in TR wants to print one + '. ]
Official Inventory Expansion [Available in a Specified Quantity. ]
Official Block System
Official Costume Bonus Transfer
Official Bonus
Official Combination
Official Element System [Limited to + 200]
Official Element Bonuses [TR's Efsunlar also Works in a PvP. !!! ]
Demonstrate Moblar Falling [Button]
Item Rengi Falling to Someone else [Falling to someone else is navy blue and fallen yellow color. ]
Bonus System
Remote Commerce System
Remote Commerce System [APPROVED]
Erotic Costumes
Initially Wearing on the Items [Efsunlu Shape]
5. Efsun Exchange System
Hunter Ranking System
Guild Leader / General System
Official Meley Ranking System
5. Level Skill Selection System
Official Ruha Linking System [Hassle-free, AREA !!! ]
+ There is Goods When There / There is No Color [Yellow when it exists, it is gray when it is not. ]
Efsun Botu Sistemi [Sufficient to F5]
Quick Change Equipment [4]
New Guild Buttons [Transfer Money to Lonca Active !!! ]
There are Minimap Underline Number Online. [In Game Options]
System Options There is fog.
Official 6. Skiller [I have tried every character 6 times without any problems. ]
New Ground Pack [A Great Ground Added. ]
New Login Login Theme [Login to The Great Game Login Theme Added, There is a Theme Available in Characters !!! ]
New Character Costumes [Characters Above Characters Added as Black, White Costume. ]
Bank Account [With no problem, you can make money by creating your own ID and PASSWORD.


GAME LINK: Gm Program, Eternexus, [Game, Mysql, Source], Putty, Navigat, Virtual Box, Notepadd ++, WinSCP and Game Files

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